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Christmas Traditions Around The World

The Democratic Republic of Congo

On Christmas Eve, churches hold musical evenings and a nativity play which regularly goes on all night. The games start with the development of the Garden of Eden and ending with King Herod killing all infant boys with the arrival of the baby Jesus timed for midnight.www.bestgiftz.com

South Africa

Christmas in South Africa is observed as it's in much of the western world with one exception - as Christmas Day falls during the midst of the nation's summer, it's spent outside.


Another pleasure convention occurs on Boxing Day when scientists based in Antarctica have only several hours to place as many red Santa hats on penguins as possible.


Belgians love a breakfast of Cognos or Cou Gn Olle, a sweet bread formed like the infant Jesus. Kids in Belgium are additionally blessed as they many have two present-offering visitors. On December 6th St Nicholas visits and then, according to where in the state they are and how great they've been, Santa Claus might call by on December 25th


For Ukrainians, it's conventional to hang a plastic spider and internet on the list of ornamentation as spiders webs which can be discovered on Christmas morning are believed to bring good luck. Quite frightening!

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